/ What brought you to your first TEA? What brings you back?

What brought you to your first TEA?  What brings you back?


How I came to Star Teachings by Meg Mimiges Yates

2012 was a big year! For what was heralded and projected to be the “end of times”, was actually

a time when things were getting started for me. I turned 30, an age I had always looked forward

to, was ordained an Interfaith Minister after 2 years of chaplaincy training through an Interfaith

seminary program in Maine, and I encountered the Star Teachings.

Immediately after ordination, I briefly served the school as the administrative assistant – and in

that time, a flyer came through the server to attend a sort of lecture given by a Mi’kmaq

storyteller, possibly about ancient teachings. All I really saw was this person’s name, David

Lonebear Sanipass. I wasn’t sure why, but I knew I needed to be at this event. This flyer was a

spiritual breadcrumb for me, and I’m grateful to have been in the energy of recognition to really

see the invitation, not only to go to a “lecture” by a Mi’kmaq Storyteller, but to find my way home.

Part of the energy of recognition for me is that my mother is Mi’kmaq, and admittedly a huge

piece of my work here in this community has been to unwind the pain that has been carried for

generations in my family, to come unstuck. These teachings have helped me come unstuck,

and the process of coming unstuck initiated the moment I walked into the Maine College of Art

lecture hall, a place where I spent a considerable amount of time as I earned my BFA. Amidst

the buzz of people recognizing each other, or meeting each other for the first time, was a sense

of familiarity and even memory, even though I knew only a couple people in the room. One of

which was a student from the same seminary program I went through, Joanne Arnold, who

opened the evening with some words and introduced Elder Sir David. Hearing the quality of her

words and witnessing the spark of excitement of not only introducing David, but additionally for

what she recognized as something exceptional and important, The Star Teachings.

I had NO IDEA what I was in for!

Elder Sir David named many things during that first Speak, and all of it had me on the edge of

my seat! I had taken a different path, opened myself to something new and found what I had

always been looking for: the energy that rides underneath All That Is. The inherent functioning

of the Universe.

My experience of these Teachings, which was evident before I knew what the words of the

Teachings were, ignites in me memory beyond story — and as WE have walked together for

some years now, it’s clear that what this Really Is is beyond what one person could say about it

or hold.

For so long I thought my happiness and awakening would be found by self mastery. What I

recognized in experiencing the first Speak, and what I continue to experience is that it’s truly

found in the practice and mastery of community.

Everything about how we came together for the first Speak — from the people in the room

getting to know each other before any words were spoken, the words of Joanne Arnold, the

message that was delivered, to the way we all wanted to stay long after the words were done —

not only to talk with David, but also to each other held the truth of what WE have access to now.

“Everything you need to know is on the first page” – words I have heard said.

Admittedly, I came to Star Teachings a little hungry and feral.

I knew I wanted something, and though that hunger brought me to the door, it would prevent me

from truly opening the door and walking through. I wanted someone to give me direction, to tell

me that the inner work I had done, my gifts and challenges were worth something.

What I have received from actively and intentionally practicing Kindness and being in resonant

community is the gift of awakening more and more to who I really am, active trust in myself and

my relationship with Spirit. I have cultivated true friendships from spiritual friendships, and these

friendships are the healthiest, most vital and reflective friendships I’ve ever had. My hunger for

someone to give me direction has very gently transformed into confidence to go in the direction

I’m going in, with others who want to walk beside me, who I want to walk beside. The feral parts

of me that came into this community unsure of how to be in community, unsure of wanting to be

in community, that didn’t want to be seen are softening through the intelligence that is within the

vibrational, generous reality available through resonant community.

As WE build community here in the Pacific Northwest, I am often sharing words of my

experience of the first Speak, and my first TEA’S — and in that watch a bridge being built from

those early gatherings to the times we’re in now. It’s an exciting time to share the Star

Teachings! In community, WE have what we need to co-create a world that recognizes Spiritual

Light, and WE come closer to knowing how to harness that energy so we can build with it.

Thank you each for your curiosity and for sharing your light.

And thank you for reading these words!

In Blue,

Meg Mimiges Yates


We have all walked a different path to get here, and all of our stories are important.

Please share your story in the comments below!

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