The Star Teachings Society is a community focused organization. All of our administrative and decision making bodies are staffed by members.

Board of Trustees: Star Teachings Society is a non-profit religious society incorporated in Maine whose Board of Trustees is an all-volunteer group of members, voted into Trusteeship by members at the Annual Meeting for three year terms. The Board is dedicated to meeting the legal requirements and managing the administrative needs of the organization. It’s Board meetings are quarterly and as needed, are open to the public and meet statutory requirements.

Board of Trustees Members

Roberta Holloway, President
Lisa Bard Clement, Vice President
Paige Abbott, Secretary
John-Michael Roods, Treasurer
Daniel Blekkenk, member


Sandy Frary, member
Mary McClure, member
Bill Wentworth, Council Rep
Embi Torres, member
Julie Gilmore, member

Minutes for the Board of Trustees meetings can be found by clicking here.

Council: Council members are community teachers. They gather information and questions from the community to help move and grow the entire community forward. The council are listeners of the voices of the community. Council supports the direction, organization, and presentation of TEA’S and Speaks.

Council Members

Ben Carroll
Bill Wentworth
Dean Taylor
Faith Johnson
Jaclyn Ouillette

Kent Ackley
Dave Reese
Leah Flumerfelt
Meg Yates
Teana Iron Bird

Reconciliation Office The Reconciliation Office (R.O.) is an Advisory Group of Star Teachings Society dedicated to smoothing rough waters between members. We are four volunteer members, two male and two female, experienced in conflict resolution and dedicated to serving the Star Teachings community. The R.O. offers informal assistance to members who are in conflict, as well as providing a more formal process of dispute resolution and mentoring, should it be required. For additional information, please see the Letter to Community introducing the R.O. and the formal Reconciliation Office creation and process document. (include location on website of both)