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February 16, 2017

Trip to Arizona: notes on drinking some Red Rose ūüĆĻ tea with David and Jaclyn.

By Melody Beaumont Talcott.

David and Jaclyn came back from Tuscon–off a red eye¬†at six o’clock¬†in the morning– with stories of their trip. We sat and talked a few hours later after they had both regained consciousness.¬†

As many of you may know, the annual Tuscon Gem Show is huge, the largest gem, rock, bead, fossil and mineral show in the world. It is full of native artists exhibiting their work, and they also come to purchase hard-to-find materials. It attracts a large number of tourists to Tuscon each year.

Eleven years ago Jaclyn had been at the Tuscon Gem Show with a friend, and he shared with her his dream to add a music festival with live rock concerts to that well-attended event. She had encouraged him. His dream had come true a few years later.

A few years ago it was also decided to add spiritually-themed presentations and talks at the Gem Show, as part of what they now called “Gem and Jam”. It was thought that given the excessive drug use and even deaths from¬†overdoses often associated with the live music scene everywhere,¬†an infusion of spirituality gently blended into the mix of offerings would do people good, and set a different tone. So Jaclyn’s friend had now arranged for her and David to have a venu in which to share the Star Teachings with the festival-goers.

There had always been morning prayers by traditional native artists whether anyone was observing them or not; also native people here and there were willing to share the cultural meaning of their work, and you can read more about these aspects of the show in this good article about it:


Well, Jaclyn and David found themselves looking for Star People there, standing at the entrance of the completely empty venu with a podium. There were rock concert type events all round. It looked like party time! Young people were milling about, many of them were obviously high, a lot of California hippie-ish types; a few were pretty rough-looking, in a raucous mood; almost everyone they saw was in their twenties, and ready for loud music, and for a moment David wondered if they were in the right sort of place, and Jaclyn felt uncomfortable. What were they doing there? Was this a huge mistake? Reaching these people would be close to impossible!!! 

But then she remembered that several years ago she’d been that happy-go-lucky rock-concert-going party-type herself, and these teachings had reached her, in that state, miraculously. They had found her!¬†

Might it not be that one or two people just like her would be in this crowd? Why not give them a chance? 

A little time went by, and one single young person of that same type drifted into the space and said: “is this the place for the Star Knowledge talk? I’d be interested in that…” and made himself comfortable. He sat there waiting patiently and nothing happened. He did not leave. What seemed like a long time went by and no body else came. Jaclyn started to feel worried, they’d come all this way. She looked at David. “Do you want me to do something?” he asked. “Yes!” she said. “I would!”¬†

So David pulled out his flute and began to play. People almost immediately drifted in out of nowhere, four, five at a time, and quietly, attentively sat down to listen. Within five minutes 35 people had gathered to listen to the flute and to hear about the Star Teachings.

“As always I asked Jaclyn to start things off with her crystal singing bowls,” said David. They have a¬†¬†unifying, ancient,¬†focused sound, like a sacred chant designed to pull you in to a meditational state. “Then I joined in and played the flute with her singing bowls! The sounds blended really well….”

Then Jaclyn spoke about how the Star Teachings first came to her, how they found her four years ago, right after a trip to Peru, after years of seeking for spiritual answers in music scenes not unlike this one and in drugs. She told how she’d first met David, and knew that she had found what she had always been searching for in the Star Teachings and that connection to Spirits and the Stars which it revealed to her, and that she has not wavered since; she shared parts of her understanding of it. Then she introduced David.

David shared aspects of the Star Teachings, its origins, its premises, its structures; you could hear a pin drop, people were even leaning in, really focused on him and what he was sharing. They went way over the time, which had been set at an hour and fifteen minutes.

At the hour-and-a-half mark, the festival staff came up and whispered into Jaclyn’s ear that they certainly did not want to disturb this wonderful group, that was so clearly engrossed in their topic, and would instead let it go another fifteen minutes, even though they were setting up for the performance of a live rock band in the same space that evening.¬†

David did not use the podium, or stage, but spoke below it to the people gathered there. After the talk, the staff held back some more, giving David space while everyone gathered around him in a big half moon. He had invited people to come up to him after the talk to ask questions. They all did! He handed out Star Teachings Society business cards.

So that was the first day, Saturday. On Sunday, David and Jaclyn were back at the Gem Show, and the venue assigned to the Star Teachings (there was a little sign up announcing it, nothing more) was completely empty again. Again, David played the flute. Again, within minutes, people streamed in out of nowhere, and sat down respectfully and silently. This time Jaclyn counted about forty, and she spotted at least three or four faces that she had seen in the crowd the day before. 

Again Jaclyn played the singing bowls, then spoke again, then David spoke. This time the talk went for two hours! Nobody left, nobody fidgeted, nobody milled about. They both had their full attention. Jaclyn looked at all their faces and was amazed by what she saw. Really, she says, you had to be there to appreciate it. She had always, for the past four years, been dedicated to David’s message of the Star Teachings, but she had never seen him in action like that. Twice!¬†

They stood there in front of a completely ¬†empty space, with an utterly disinterested public wandering by outside it. People did not seem to notice the tiny sign which said “Star Teachings”, with no conscious thought to look for spiritual teachings. And then, David “did something,” he played flute.¬†

She said to me: “it’s really something, something I have to learn. I don’t know how he does it. I’m a very private person and I know he is too. But there he would be, talking to strangers, and their faces would suddenly light up; he’d be handing them his card, and they’d be talking, really animated, and walk away with promises to stay in touch. It gets really interesting, when he ends up, for instance, having these amazing encounters with, say, waiters.

“Wait staff are just one example of people we don’t normally engage with, people in our lives that we almost don’t see, but there are Star People among them, they are everywhere; and there David would be, he’d strike up a conversation and end up in these amazing deep talks. On the other hand, in my case, trying to do what I need to do to reach out at the gem show here and there, people sometimes would not stop to even take my card….and David would just be handing them out right and left to people with huge smiles on their faces waving back at him while they walked away…I did have great talks with individuals here and there but he was having them everywhere…he was like the Pied Piper…I guess we all need more practice in doing things like that and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone …and that is good…but to be out there watching what happens around David…what that spiritual energy of his does when he puts that out there…that was just totally amazing!!!

“So now, on Sunday, we told everyone there at that two hour talk (the one that was supposed to last one hour and fifteen minutes and no one would leave) to come to another talk at the Galactic Center the next day, because by this time, we were invited there by one of the managers of it!¬†

“That was amazing too. They had put the word out, David didn’t have to do a thing, forty people or more showed up, and they were all there ready to go in plenty of time, waiting for it to start. I saw at least four faces from the gem show the day before in this new crowd on Monday, so we had a total of 115 people at the talks.

“Also, one of the people who had been to TEA once in Maine, and who was now living in Santa Fe, drove seven hours with friends to hear David speak. Another friend, someone who knew about the Star Teachings from South Carolina but whom David had never met, drove four hours from Sedona just to get to this event!!¬†I had asked David: ‘will you play the flute?’ and he said: ‘no, the people are already here, and I don’t play just for their entertainment.’

“Again, there was rapt silence in the room,” said Jaclyn, “you could hear a pin drop, and I swear the body language, everyone was leaning in, with open-hearted faces, really still and attentive. David went into some really deep things, things that I normally would have thought belonged much later in the process, he was sharing them, big things. I thought wow! Can they handle this? Can they take this in? This could be really hard to swallow with no preparation. But I trusted David, and sure enough, nobody moved, nobody left, they were connecting with his words.”

Listen to this video message David Lonebear Sanipass sent from the Tucson Desert.

David added: “You see Jaclyn has left a lot of what she’s done out of this story…that’s what she does…so I have to tell you; she not only played her singing bowls at the beginning of each talk, she spoke every time, including at the Galactic Center, and introduced me there. Even though she would rather sit by a river near a¬†cabin in the woods¬†playing with her child, and it’s her nature to be a loner or to speak with people one-on-one, she’s generous when it comes to sharing the teachings with anyone! Her words came from the heart. She is a wonderful speaker actually. She had people’s complete attention. She shared parts of her personal experience and understanding of the Star Teachings. It was very important that she did that.

“This trip,” David continued, “but also everything over the past four years, would have been so much more difficult or impossible for me to do without her constant and enormous help. She does it all with positive energy, without any thought of return, never gives up, always has something encouraging to say. She makes large and small miracles happen with her constant hard work for the spreading of the Star Teaching, sometimes very quickly. I’ll be ready to give up and I watch her sit there with her thumbs going on that little box and in minutes something good happens and off we go to the next good thing. She does much of this all out of her own pocket and empties it out completely over and over again just to make things that should happen, happen. She lifts people up everywhere she walks, with her kindness, she lifts me up all the time too; and she certainly helped inspire everybody where we talked in Tuscon. I just wanted you to know that.”

The galactic center is a setting that regularly hosts a lot of New Age-type events, but even for people that might be jaded or saturated by all of the many kinds of spiritual offerings there, they remarked to David that the level of attention he had received from those present and the quality of the teachings he shared were both remarkable. And again, when it was over, almost everyone gathered round in a big huddle around David and would not leave! 

It was then that he was invited back, and people made firm commitments to facilitate that. One woman who had two sets of properties, in both Tuscon and Santa Fe, invited David and his Star Teaching Society travel team back. She, and all bystanders, were delighted to hear that that was to come back soon. 

David would return within the spiritually recommended time of 1-2 months (even if he had to jump on a bus to get there), ideally 28-47 days; (am I right Jaclyn ? Bad with numbers ha ha!) this is to preserve the momentum, when that spiritual fire is first lit. The amount of energy that goes into creating these connections and this positive response in a group has then not yet dissipated and is still active, and therefore requires less energy to re-ignite.

He was also invited to speak in Santa Fe and Sedona, and would be provided with accommodation by people there, all in either March or April! 

So this is how it went. “In between we also had a chance to climb a mountain in the beautiful desert, just North of Tucson, and make a video there. It’s an amazing, sacred land of course,” David said. “The climb was tiring,” he added, “but well worth it, and it was hot, in the eighties, which made me feel spoiled when we came back to Logan to face a Nor’Easter the very next day!” that’s with overnight lows of 1 degree, while living out of his car….shame…ha ha I had to get that in there!!!¬†










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