There is no fee to attend Star Teachings events.
Everyone is welcome.

All Star Teachings events are always substance free.

An offering basket will be provided at each event for donations to support the continued sharing of the Star Teachings.

About TEA’S (Time, Earth, Air, Space)

TEAS are gatherings in circle that are open to everyone and facilitated by an experienced Tea Conductor. In TEAS we come together and harvest the wisdom of the group. People can share time and conversation where all beliefs are welcome and there is no attempt to coerce or convince. TEAS are a place for sharing the Star Teachings, an ancient heritage of teachings that describe the functioning of the universe and are rooted in kindness & compassion. TEAS help us to recognize that we are all teachers in our simplest thoughts and actions.


A Speak is a place where community gathers to receive information. A Speak is a traditional form of sharing the Star Teachings one at a time, in a group lecture style setting. Presenters are experienced in the Star Teachings and bring light to each Star Teaching by speaking or musical performance and often share their understanding and how it has changed them in the world.

The “First Tea”, the History of How TEAS Came to Be

It is through a crossing of a threshold that the Star Teachings have become available. In January of 2012, a student of interfaith ministry sat down for “an interview” over a cup of tea with David Lonebear Sanipass, a Storyteller from a Northern Native Community and Spiritual Archive of the Star Teachings.

In this “First Tea,” the student really listened, and came back with more questions. This opened the door for the teachings to be shared one on one over tea for the following 6 months. In July of 2012 the Star Teachings were first publicly shared to a non-native audience in the form of a Speak, in a lecture style venue with over 200 people present. Following this First Speak, there was an invitation for everyone to come together in a circle to have TEA. The TEAS began in July 2012 with small weekly gatherings of about 8 people in the circle. Quickly the TEAS began to grow in numbers, gathering over 50 people at one time by December 2012. There was a big Speak on December 21, 2012 where more than 380 people gathered to listen and to participate. The community that was built formed an all volunteer and community run non-profit organization called the Star Teachings Society in accordance with laws of the State of Maine in July 2013 to further share the Star Teachings. Since that time there have been many TEAS, Speaks, and fundraising events as far North as New Brunswick, Canada, and as far south as North Carolina, and it continues to grow.

Some upcoming events are listed below. For a complete listing of events click here.